New Ascension Video Blog

We’ve started a YouTube channel for Ascension!

Some people prefer to read about ideas and issues which interest them. Others prefer to hear about them. We prefer to write, rather than make speeches. But thanks to the fast-evolving ability of text-to-speech engines, we’re actually able to write video scripts which are translated into animated videos with understandable voice-overs, and sometimes even decent delivery.

Our first two videos are now up on YouTube. The first is a short intro to the second:

The main video, which we’re calling Episode 1, is the first in a series of Socratic dialogues between two characters named Rosencoin and Guildenchain (with apologies to Shakespeare’s Hamlet). This video describes the monetary mischief perpetrated by central bank “stimulus” and explains why cryptocurrency is the required antidote to its poison, which has crushed savers, wage earners, and productive investment, while inflating a massive bubble on Wall Street:

We’ve also set up a playlist, to which future episodes will be added. We apologize for not posting any new articles here for several months, but we’ve been very busy doing various exciting things that will be worth writing about in the near future!

This is the blog of the Ascension cryptocurrency project.

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